Poverty in Cornwall

We need to change the story people hear

We work together to change the story people hear, how they feel and what they believe, so they can think in a new way about poverty.

We  support them to empower themselves to change their futures.

We have bought a catering trailer, that our pupils will help design, build and have a legacy at the school.

Food Tec pupils will be taught how to run a business, we will pay for their Food Courses to kick start their CV’s and relevant experience,

Other pupils will market the trailer, do a business plan and learn practicle life skills.

The trailer will be used in many ways, at events, to feed hungry kids, to go to remote areas to help homeless people and provide food.

“Cornwall is the second-poorest region in northern Europe and a quarter of children live in poverty – so what are the problems and what can be done?” https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/cornwall-second-poorest-region-northern-617199