Mental Health and all things equal

Why is equality important in education?

While equality means treating every student the same, equity means making sure every student has the support they need to be successful. Equity in education requires putting systems in place to ensure that every child has an equal chance for success.

We help whole groups of children irrespective of their back grounds, financial situation, gender, race or who they chose to be.

It’s important not to simply throw money at a problem to to support people to help themselves and others and the importance of kindness, humour, endurance, bravery, honesty and that it’s really okay to get stressed but move into the solution and not stay in the problem.

We provide professional classes to give children the tools to deal with life stresses. Yoga, mindfulness, fitness, CBT and support for educational professionals who support the children.

The Sparkle Academy provided boxercise equipment at the school. The club is run through the school and we encourage girls to take part too.
The school is now providing extra lessons for mixed gender and male/female only classes.
We provide Yoga lessons, mental health support packs for students on the cusp of their exams, filled with relaxation products, inspirational booklets and treats for the kids.
We encourage the older students to support younger students at events and fundraisers. This is a very succesful scheme