About The Sparkle Academy

The Sparkle Academy is a charity based in the South West supporting Porthleven School, Helston Community College and includes support for the other 17 in the Academy. Our volunteers support children, to advance academically, help themselves, their families and their communities.

We want our pupils to be the best they be and be equal to everyone else irrespective of the challenges they have.

Why we do it

Our children deserve a good education. 
School teachers are warning that government funding cuts have a life-changing negative impact on a generation of children. Schools are suffering, staff and our children are suffering, it’s not right. 
Our volunteers can see the front line need for fundraising, equipment and support for the benefit of the children.

How we do it

Our volunteers work tirelessly to supply items like sanitary products, pencils, pens, building materials, food, furniture, study books, sports kits and uniform, refreshments for after school clubs like home clubs and bereavement groups, playgrounds, MUGA’s, toys, play equipment, sport items, Yoga lessons, school trips, IT equipment, treats for the pupils, the list is endless.
We have a fund called the Down Up Fund, a hardship fund where we help pupils and families living in poverty, those in working poverty who simply can’t afford items like uniform, shoes, school bags etc.

Community and pupil involvement

We like to get communities involved in what we do. From our huge Armed Forces Days to Firework Events, we like to bring people together. We invite groups to be part of our community days, host Christmas dinner at the schools for our local senior citizens, get the children involved with helping themselves and others.
The clubs we support, help children socialise outside of the classroom, as some of our children live in rural locations and are isolated.
Our aim is to help every child feel included and as equal as everyone else